One of My Favorites- Olivia Palermo's Look for Less

Olivia's outfit here takes the cake for one of my favorites ever. I know it is extremely simple- black top, black shorts, and a cardigan- but that's just it! It is so simple, yet looks so elegant. Additionally, she chose a  tastefully over sized cardigan, not 'Olsen twin' oversized (you know- where it looks like they actually bought it 3 sizes too big). She once again displays simple elegance in a timeless fashion because when you look at this outfit, you aren't sure when she wore it, since you don't see any obvious 'trends' per say and this would be considered a fashionable outfit any day.

1. If you would like to go for the 'over-sized' look, make sure what you are buying is not actually over-sized in the sense that it is a few sizes too big. There are actual items that are made in the 'over-sized' style, so that they are tailored to fall a little longer or bigger in just the right places for your specific size- and those are the ones you should be buying.

2. I would also encourage everyone to avoid buying too many 'trendy' items and stick to buying items that are more resistant to changing times, such as a classic black pencil skirt, one good pair of black shorts(like the one Olivia is wearing), a well fitted blazer, etc. because these items never go out of style!

AK Anne Klein, Arden B
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